1970s Women's History: Stories that Inspire Students

Pushing Boundaries

Politcs becomes Personal. Again.

Perfect for Women’s Studies Programs

Nationally known Maryland storyteller, Ellouise Schoettler, takes audiences into the 1970s Second Wave Women’s Movement with her eyewitness to grassroots political history storytelling program.

Pushing Boundaries is a funny and sometimes poignant peek of how a 1950s housewife with “I Love Lucy” enthusiasm morphed into a National ERA activist.

Launched to glowing reviews during the 2010 DC Capital Fringe, Ellouise is now booking in other locations across the US.

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(301) 951-1213 •  ellouise1@juno.com

While the program resonates with adults of all ages, it is particularly  well suited for college women’s studies students. The 1970s women’s movement was a grassroots efforts.The stories told are not in the textbooks. They inspire students to learn more stories by asking family members for share their stories.

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Program bonus:  Audience Q&A

Eyewitness to History

Laugh as Ellouise Schoettler tells her unlikely story.

An ordinary women’s journey through a time of extraordinary change.

Funny but true: Behind the scenes untold 1970s women’s history.